John P


  • Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering.

Notable Experience

  • Math and Physics volunteer Teacher, U.S. Peace Corps in Liberia
  • Math, Physics, and Engineering teacher, Fusion Academy
  • Math and Science Tutor


  • Math: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Math (K-8), Geometry, Linear Algebra, Pre Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Probability, Trigonometry.
  • Science: Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Space Science, Astronomy
  • Engineering: Civil Engineering Courses, Statics, CAD/Technical Drawing
  • Standardized Tests: SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP Calculus

Tutor Rates

  • $49/hour - 12 Sessions
  • $59/hour - 4 Sessions
  • $79/hour - Single Session

Video Introduction

Teaching Sample


Growing up, I have always been curious about mathematics and statistics, whether sports, data, or number puzzles. I started my career in the engineering field, where I worked on numerous projects and collaborated with different communities. After leaving the engineering field, I had traveled to multiple countries and fell in love with teaching. My first teaching position was in Liberia, where I taught math and physics at a small, rural school. After moving back to the United States, I continued teaching at a private school, where I eventually became the math department head. I love to teach by example, which allows students to visualize a problem better.

Teaching experience

  • Math Tutor, LA Leadership Academy (Present)
  • Math, Physics, and Engineering Instructor, Fusion Academy (2 Years)
  • Math and Physics Instructor, Liberia (1 Year)

Tutoring style

For tutoring, I love to assist students in exploring problems. Many students hate math and science, not because of the content, but because they don't see the use of the subject. However, when a student looks at a problem's application, they intuitively know some of the steps, which builds confidence when working through the rest of the problem. With that confidence, a student feels better and improves.